How to Download CPF File

Flow for downloading of CPF file from Talenox

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After processing payroll in Talenox, you'll want to download the CPF file from the system to upload to CPFB for submission and payment of your employees' statutory contributions for the month.

With our new flow for CPF file download in place, it's now much easier to export individual CPF files for separate payments groups

This guide will bring you through the steps on how to download the CPF file in the system for online submission to CPFB.

1) Firstly, please head to Month Total > Export Bank Payments / CPF / Reports > CPF:

You should be automatically taken to the CPF File download page in Talenox.

2) Within this page is where you'll be able to download CPF files by payment group. You can choose to select (by checking/un-checking) various payment groups you'd like to include into the file for download:

NOTE: Most companies will choose to download ALL payment groups at once at the end of each payroll month.

3) After selecting the payment groups to include, please head to the "Submit / Download CPF File" option to generate the file:

Do remember to label each Payment Group Name during payroll processing so it will be easier for you to differentiate between the payment groups for quick reference. πŸ˜‰

The CPF File can now be uploaded to CPFB for online submission - refer to the steps in this article to learn how to do so. πŸ‘

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