You can quickly add employees' information into Talenox. Each employee has a Profile to record necessary details for payroll, banking and tax submissions.

Here are the steps to add employees:

1. Click on the "Profiles" app in your dashboard.

2. Navigate to "Employee Listing" in the drop-down list. Here you have two options to create employee profiles:

Import Employees into Talenox - this opens a Google sheet in a new tab. You can paste data values from your spreadsheet easily. We recommend filling in as many fields as possible. Columns coloured in orange are mandatory. Do check that the data values pasted (be mindful of formula/linked data) comply with each column's dropdown selection.

You can close the sheet at any time, your data will be saved. Just tab back to the Talenox page when you're ready to pull the data in:

Loading should reach 100% within a minute. Any data fields we detect as incorrect or blank will be flagged up as an error message for rectification. If the progress bar is stuck at 0%, there's a good chance some fields contain data that cannot be read by the cell validation. So just look out for red cells in the sheet.

Note that upon import, there is an option to create and invite users via their email.

Create profiles directly - "add employee"

When you're adding a few profiles at a time, using the "add employee" button is useful. Check out the guides below on Employee Profile details:

Employee Profile details (Singapore)
Employee Profile details (Hong Kong)

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