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Guide to Talenox Employee Apps
Guide to Talenox Employee Apps

Here's to help employees and approvers understand more about Talenox

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We've written a simple guide below to help Employees and Approvers understand more about the various functions that an employee can access in Talenox.

In summary, here are the 4 modules and the access rights that can be assigned to an employee with ‘User’ access to the system:

  1. My Profile - Access your own profile and update your personal details if needed.

  2. Tax - View or download your tax forms once it has been published to you.

  3. Payslip - View your payslips once you email notifications of your payslips being published every month.

  4. Leave - Apply your leave easily and view your entitlement. For Approvers, you can approve leave easily.

Getting Started

First Time Logging Into Talenox

First, click on the link in your invite email sent by your HR to activate your account.

If you have activated your account, click on the “Log In” button on the top right of the Talenox home page as shown:

Once you are on the Login page, fill up your Email and Password. When you are ready, click on the “Log In” button to access your account.

You have now logged in and can access the different modules in your account!

Module Access and Features

Once you have managed to login, you will be greeted with up to 4 modules that your HR/Admin would have given you access to - My Profile, Tax, Payslip and Leave.

My Profile

Click on the “My Profile” icon or the link on your top right navigation bar:

In My Profile, which is your own employee profile in Talenox, you’ll be able to view and verify the data keyed in for you by your HR/Admin.

You’ll also be able to update the following sections on your own:

  • Personal Details - First Name, Last Name, Email, Gender, Marital Status, Race, Religion

  • Contact Details - Contact Number, Address

  • Identification Documents - Identification Number, Passport Details, Nationality

  • Next-of-Kin Details - If you would like to be granted leave types like Maternity, Paternity and Marriage Leave.

If you are seeing fields that are greyed out, that means that your Admin has set the permission to not allow any edits for those sections.

You will need to contact your Admin when you need to make any changes to your profile for these greyed-out fields.


Click on the “Tax” icon or link on your top right.

Here you will be able to view your Tax forms generated for each Year of Assessment (YA) and download them.


Click on the “Payslip” icon or link on your top right.

In your Payslip module, you will be presented with your own payslip published to you for the current month.

You will be able to do the following in this module:

  • Toggle between the months of payslips to view all past and present payslips published to you in Talenox.

  • Expand and collapse the pay items in each payslip by clicking on the arrow found on the left of each pay item section.

  • Print your physical payslips or save the PDF copy - Click on the “Print Payslip” option at the top right-hand corner of the page, this will generate a PDF file in your browser.

You can click on the Download Icon to download your PDF copy or click the Print Icon if you wish to print them.

NOTE: If you are presented with an empty screen, it means that HR has not published your payslip to you for the month yet.


Click on the “Leave” icon or link on your top right.

In the Leave module, you’ll be able to browse through different pages for different functions through the dropdown list on the top left-hand corner:

  • Leave Status - View the leave status’ of your own leave applications. For leave approvers, you’ll be able to view the leave statuses of all of the employees that you are currently assigned to as an approver in the system as well as your own.

  • Leave Calendar - You can view the leave applications of other team members in a calendar format (depending on access given by HR/Admins).

  • My Leave Profile - This shows you an in-depth view and calculation of all leave types available to you in the system currently.

  • Leave Balances (only for leave approvers) - Have an overview of the leave balances of all employees within your approval structure.

Leave Statuses

View your most recent leave applications and it’s status in the system. You can even head in to edit or cancel your leave applications already made from this page.

Leave Calendar

In the Calendar View, you can view both your own and the various leave applications of other team members within the same approval structure.

My Leave Profile

On the My Leave Profile page, the first tab you are shown by default is your ‘Leave Entitlement’.

You will be able to view your own leave types available to you as well as the respective balances of each.

To understand the in-depth calculation details for each leave type, click on the arrow icon for the breakdown of your entitlement.

Within this breakdown shown, you can choose to expand the difference leave entitlement balances and carried forward balances for further clarity.

The second tab that you can toggle to on this page is the ‘Activities’ tab. This tab will show you a history of all your leave applications that you have applied for in Talenox; alongside the status of each application too.

You can sort it easily with the sorting function on the top header row.

Applying for Leave

To apply for leave, you can click on the “Apply for Leave” button on the top right-hand corner of every page within the leave module:

Applying for leave would require a few steps that you would have to go through:

  1. Select Employee - Your own name will be automatically selected for the application.

  2. Select Leave Type - You can select from a list of various Leave Types such as your Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Off-in-lieu and every other leave type you are entitled to.

  3. Leave Duration - You can choose to apply for leave for a single day or for multiple days. If the Leave Balance is not sufficient, an error message will be shown on your right.

  4. Working Days - You do not need to edit this portion yourself. Simply shows you your work days per week settings set up by your HR/Admin. It shows your non-working days and how the total days applied are derived by Talenox during the leave application.

  5. Review Approvers - You can then double-check that the correct approvers are assigned to your leave application (automatically assigned by the system based on approval structures set up by your HR/Admin)

  6. Remarks & Attachments - You can input any remarks and attachments for this leave application directly in these fields.

  7. Submit Application - Once you have filled up all the necessary details, do ensure that you click on submit the application so that your leave approvers will receive the necessary notifications to approve your application in the system.

Leave Approvers

In Approver View, you’ll be able to Approve, Reject and View More details of the leave applications of teammates under your approval structure.

Under the Leave Balance page (only available for leave approvers & admins to access), you are able to have an overview of everyone in your approval structure.

To view each teammate’s Leave Profile, click on the employee’s name.

You can access Talenox through mobile browsers like Chrome and Safari too.  Users usually access from mobile through mobile browsers. 😁

Alternatively, you can also view similar videos from our official YouTube channel:

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