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What Do Employees See Upon Login?
What Do Employees See Upon Login?

A user's view of the account. Updating profile, checking payslips and applying for leave

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After being invited into the system, an employee will have a user access to the Talenox system with the following capabilities:

  • My Profile - To check through their employee profile details; Update personal particulars

  • Payslip - View published payslips (backdated and current)

  • Leave - Apply for leave; View full breakdown of leave entitlements

If your employee is seeing an empty dashboard (after logging in), head over here to understand why.

My Profile

Under My Profile module, employees can view and check through their personal details set up in the system by the Admins of the account.

You can see that there are some fields that have been grayed out and are not available for users to edit in the system - these are more sensitive fields only Admins of the account will have access to. 😄

Employees will only be able to edit/update specific sections of their employee profiles:

  • Personal Details 

  • Identification Documents

  • Contact Details

  • Next-of-kin 


Payslips can be viewed by heading to the Payslip module in Talenox by employees. The payslip can't be viewed till it's published.

Simply head to the module and toggle to the payroll month that you'd like to view in Talenox. Users can toggle to the desired payroll month to access past payslip records and print them (pdf. format) by clicking on the "Print Payslip" option. 😃

Payslip view


Employees can navigate the Leave module by heading to the top left-hand corner and selecting the 'Manage Leave policies' dropdown. From there, they'll be able to view several pages:

  • Leave Calendar - A calendar view of any activities within their work teams

  • My Leave Profile - To view a breakdown of entitled leave balances

  • Leave Status - A summarised view of an employee's recent leave activities

My Leave Profile view

Leave Calendar view

Leave Status view


Employees will be able to Apply for Leave directly from the pages mentioned above at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Leave Application Page view

Now that you know the features that Talenox has for users, you'll be able to navigate our platform like an expert. 👍

Here's a quick video recap:

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