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How to Easily Locate Employees in Leave Application form?
How to Easily Locate Employees in Leave Application form?

Select Employees" field. Use search field to find employees. Apply for Leave.

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Below are a few frequently asked questions that we encounter:

  1. "I'm unable to apply for leave on behalf of an existing staff. Her name does not appear in the drop-down list. What can I do?"

  2. "I'm struggling to view the full list of my teammates. Is there a way to make this easier?"

  3. "A particular employee's name does not appear in the list for leave application. How can this be resolved?"


Below, you'll find responses to frequently asked questions that we often encounter.

Managing a growing team can be challenging. In recognition of this, we've incorporated a feature that simplifies the employee navigation process, making it more intuitive and efficient, when applying for leave, on behalf of the employee.

By default in the "1. Select Employees" field, our platform displays 20 employees in the drop-down list. Too many names in a drop-down list can make it unwieldy, slowing down navigation, and reducing efficiency.

What happens when there's a 21st employee or more? In such cases, the extra names don't automatically appear in the drop-down list. This exclusion isn't an oversight; it's a feature designed to maintain a streamlined and user-friendly interface.

To ensure that every team member is easy to locate, regardless of team size, we've integrated an intuitive search bar. With this tool, you can quickly locate any employee, bypassing the need to manually scroll through a lengthy list.

Simply start typing the employee's name, and the system will dynamically suggest matches, allowing you to find the desired employee name in a few keystrokes. This approach ensures that the drop-down list remains manageable, providing a clear overview without overwhelming users with an extended list.

It also saves time and reduces the potential for error, ensuring that every employee is always just a search away.

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