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Integrate BambooHR with Talenox
Integrate BambooHR with Talenox

Connect BambooHR to Talenox. Sync employees profiles. Beta version.

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If you are viewing this, you most likely already know about Talenox's integration with BambooHR and would like to learn how it works so that you can start trying it out.

This 2-part walkthrough will guide you on the following:

You are currently at Part 1 of this 2-part guide - showing you how to connect BambooHR to Talenox directly 😄

In your BambooHR account, select your profile in the top right-hand corner and click on the “API Keys” option in the drop-down list.

Thereafter, select the “Add New Key” option to generate a new API key:

Note down and copy the “API Key Name” and the “API Key” itself:

In Talenox, head to the top right-hand corner of the page and select “Integrations” from the ‘Menu’ drop-down list. You can then see the BambooHR option for selection and linkage.

Next, under Step 2 of the integration set-up in Talenox, enter the details that was saved previously:

  • “API Key Name”

  • “API Key”

Once the connection is successful, you should see the success message pop out at the top of the page. Also, Step 2 will show:

“Connected. Sync employees from Employee Listing page.”


Great job! 👍🏻

In the next guide, we’ll learn how to sync employees' data from BambooHR to Talenox.

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