Are you unsure of the types of Leave that employees are entitled to? Rest easy! Talenox pre-loads required leave types in accordance to your country's labour laws.

Preset Leave Types

To view the Leave types available, head to Leave > Manage my leave policies > Settings > Leave Types where you will be able to view the different preset leave types available in Talenox:

We recommend you follow the pre-loaded settings unless your company leave policies differ from statutory guidelines.

Certain leave types are made available to an employee with respect to their Profile information (e.g. Maternity/Paternity Leave requires an employee's Next Of Kin details to be entered for their spouse). Click into a leave type for detailed information on eligibility, entitlement and settings.

Custom Leave Types

You may create custom leave types that is offered to all employees.

Templates are available for common benefits such as Birthday, Marriage and leave. In addition, there are two generic templates that can be used flexibly and renamed:

  • General Leave - suitable for leave that requires proration from hire/resign date, with option for rollover of balance and increment with complete years of service.

  • Recurring Time Off - suitable for leave that is given in fixed quantity on a recurring basis (replenished weekly/monthly/yearly) without any proration. Common examples are Compassionate leave and Flexible time off.

You can refer to these guides to learn how to set-up your Annual Leave policies easily:

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