Compassionate Leave (Singapore)

How to set up Compassionate Leave for employees in Singapore

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When a family member passes away, most employers will give their employees' compassionate leave. 

Singapore law does not mandate compulsory compassionate leave. According to MOM, there is no statutory entitlement for compassionate leave. Such leave entitlement depends on the employee's employment contract or on mutual agreement between the employee and employer. They can either apply for annual leave or unpaid leave for such purposes. 

Compassionate leave is a paid leave that enables employees to attend or prepare a funeral for family members. The employment contract should indicate how many days your employee will get. 

The common practice is to offer at least 2 to 3 days of paid compassionate leave. Some companies might also state that employees need to submit a death certificate, but it's up to the company to enforce such rule.


How to Set Up Compassionate Leave in Talenox?

To set up Compassionate Leave, you can perform the following steps under Leave > Leave Settings > Leave Types:

Step 1: Select Recurring Time-Off under Add a custom leave type and click Add.

Step 2: Rename this leave to Compassionate Leave and you can do the set-up according to the sample screenshot below:

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