Authorization for Submission of Tax Forms in IRAS

How to get the correct access rights for Submission of Tax forms via the AIS to IRAS in Talenox

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When trying to submit your IRAS submission, and you are getting the error below:

API : Please check if you have been authorised with an Approver role to make the submission.

That is because you are not an authorized approver (do not have the appropriate role) to make the submission through AIS.

You can follow the guidelines below to learn how to get the correct authorization to make employment income records submissions to IRAS.

Check your Access given in CorpPass to Submit Employment Income Records

The first thing that you need to do is to check if you have been given access to CorpPass for the submission of employment income records to IRAS.

  • If you have not yet been assigned CorpPass access - you’ll have to get a CorpPass Admin or Registered Officer (RO) to assign you the access to do so

  • If you have already been assigned CorpPass access - you’ll have to ask a CorpPass Admin or Registered Officer (RO) to check on what your assigned role is currently

NOTE: Only staff who has been authorized with the “Approver” or “Preparer” role in CorpPass for the SUBMISSION OF EMPLOYMENT INCOME RECORDS in IRAS will be able to make the submission without error from Talenox.

How to Assign the Correct Role To Employees To Submit Employment Income Records?

If you are a CorpPass Admin, you can head into CorpPass to assign the correct roles through the steps below:

1) Head to and login with your SingPass

2) Select ‘e-Service’ > ‘Assign Selected e-Services’ or ‘View Entity’s e-Service Access’

  • Assign Selected e-Services - to assign the submission of employment records role to CorpPass users

  • View Entity’s e-Service Access - to check on the current access given to users

3) On the next page, you’ll need to make sure that the approval role is assigned correctly. You can also update access rights here.

4) Make sure the Authorised Person's name is aligned with the ‘Approver’ role

5) Lastly, you need to ensure that the Authorized Person's Name and Authorized Person's Email Address are the name and email address of the assigned approver's name and email address that is keyed into Talenox (Step 1 - Edit Employer Info).

You can take a look at this guide from IRAS to learn about more in-depth steps on assigning the right CorpPass access to users:

Submission as a Tax Agent (on behalf of your clients)

If you are submitting your tax forms on behalf of your client, you can follow this article:

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