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Steps To Submit IR8A as a Tax Agent

Submitting tax as a third party agent.

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With the help of Talenox, you can now submit IR8A directly to IRAS with just a click of a button from our platform!

Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS)

Firstly, for the submission of the IR8A from Talenox, you have to be under AIS. If you are not under AIS, you can simply apply for AIS accordingly.

​NOTE: AIS Applications for the current year is closed as the application period ends on 31 Dec of the previous year. You can start applying for AIS now, however it will be for the following year's submission instead. πŸ‘

For payroll outsourcing firms who are managing payroll for clients, Admins are able to submit IR8A on behalf of your clients.

In the event that you are experiencing this error message when submitting IR8A on behalf of your client:

These are important steps that you can follow:

1. Head over to Payroll > IR8A and click on "Edit Employer Info for 2021":



2. Thereafter, check "Submitting tax as a third party agent" box and save. You can proceed to try to submit again.


​This is a selection that we built to help IRAS differentiate if you are submitting IR8A for your clients.

Note: You'll need to ensure that the Authorized Person's Name and Authorized Person's Email Address is the name and email address of the assigned approver's name and email address that the entity is registered with in CorpPass.

Have a great tax submission season! 😎

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