How to Apply for Approval for IRD?

Applying for IRD Approval when employers want to use datafile

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As Talenox is considered a self-developed software by Inland Revenue Department (IRD), employers who wish to use our datafile must obtain written approval before they can file the respective IR56 forms in computerized format to the Department.

The process to Apply for Approval

To apply for approval, you can download and furnish the application by following the steps highlighted below:

1) Head over to Payroll > Payroll Settings > IR56B > Edit Employer Info for 2023

You'll need to fill in most of your Employer Information for the year correctly so that this information will be captured in the sample files submitted to IRD for approval (required).

2) After keying in and saving the Employer Information in Step 1, select the "Apply for Approval" option to start downloading the sample data files for approval submission to IRD.

3) Download the files listed, fill out the forms, and submit them. The items can be uploaded to IRD’s online e-service for approval:

4) Upon obtaining the approval, you can go through the steps to “Download E-Filing form” from the IR56B page and submit the file directly to IRD via Online Mode.

You can refer to this guide for the steps on how to properly file and download the IR56B datafile from Talenox:

For further information, you can refer to IRD’s site here:

Have fun filing - Talenox makes things easier for your tax filing processes. 😎

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