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Steps to View Bank / Cheque Payment and Withholding Amount
Steps to View Bank / Cheque Payment and Withholding Amount

Bank / Cheque Listing. Bank File (Advanced Settings).

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After the completion of payroll processing, if you need to view the Payments for both Bank File and Cheque, you can click on "Make Payment" and the payments will be displayed in the last row.

On the Month Total (Overview) page, you will be able to view the Payment Owed amount which is broken down into 3 sections:

  1. Bank Amounts

  2. Cheque Amounts

  3. Reconciliation Amounts

1) To view more details of the Bank and Cheque breakdown, click on the dropdown arrow button on the right side of each section.

This will break down the Pay Group name, Total Headcount, and the Bank Amount and Cheque Amount of each payment that was processed.

2) The total Reconciliation Amounts will be displayed at the bottom of the Payment Owed page as shown here:

To help you understand more about Withholding Amount (or Payment Reconciliation), you can view the details here. 😄

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