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How to Transfer Account Ownership?
How to Transfer Account Ownership?

Transferring Super Admin access to another employee in the company.

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In the event that your management team, current HR personnel (with Super Admin access) is about to leave the company, you're encouraged to transfer the Super Admin access internally before the employee's official last day in the company.

To do this, you will need to ensure the following steps:

Step 1: Add another employee as a Super Admin. You can refer to this guide here.

Step 2: Guide him/her to add his/her credit card under Billing Dashboard (this step will ensure that SUITE subscription is charged to the new account owner). You can also refer to the steps in this guide.

Step 3: Guide him/her to change the billing email address under Billing Dashboard > Payment Information > Billing Information. You can also refer to the steps in this guide.


What to do when the internal handover didn't happen?

We strongly recommend that there should be a proper official handover (internally) to transfer account ownership from the outgoing Super Admin to the next one.

In the event that such internal process cannot take place, due to unforeseen circumstances like the outgoing Super Admin has:

  • Abruptly left the company (before the company can assign a new Super Admin) OR,

  • Incapacitated OR,

  • Passed away OR,

  • Incarcerated

you’ll need to prepare the following details first before contacting Talenox Customer Success team:

  • Company's name

  • Outgoing Super Admin's name and email address

  • New Super Admin's name and email address

  • Full details of the situation

  • Email directly from the Director of the Company / CEO / Business Owner stating the permission to upgrade an existing Admin/User of the Talenox account to become the new Super Admin.

This can be done through email to our support channel (

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