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How Do Employees View Their Tax Forms? (Malaysia)
How Do Employees View Their Tax Forms? (Malaysia)

Tax Module. Downloading PDF tax forms from Talenox after publishing to employees.

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Great news! We've just pushed out our new Tax Module in Talenox.

Previously, when tax forms are published to employees in Talenox, employees will only be able to receive and view their tax forms through the email notifications sent from Talenox.

Now, this new module will allow for both Admins and Employees alike to view and download their tax forms published directly in the system.

Giving Employees Access to the Tax Module

Our tax module will be available for all employees to utilise in the system as long as they have been given the right access rights in the system.

Enabling Tax Access in Employee Profiles

1) Head to Profiles > Manage my database > Employee Listing > Edit > User Account > Tax and enable/update the "View Only" access for your employee to the Tax module:

2) Click on "Update access" to give your employees with existing user accounts access to the Tax module.

3) Finally, click on "Save" to save these changes in settings in your employee profiles.

NOTE: Learn how to Managing Access & Features Displayed to Users for all modules, including the Tax module.

Giving All Employees Access to the Tax Module

Enabling Tax Access for All Employees

As a Super Admin/Admin, you can toggle between enabling all employees to Tax module access as well.

Head over to your Account & Preferences. Go to Payroll > Tax Module View > Show tax modules from employees.

Here you can toggle Show/Hide the tax modules for all employees.

Tax Module in Talenox Dashboard

With the access to the Tax module given, employee will then be able to see their Tax app appearing in their main dashboard during login as well as on the navigation panel at the top:

Viewing and Downloading Tax Forms in Talenox

Viewing Tax Forms

Employees with access to the Tax module will be able to head in to view their published tax forms.

They will be able to toggle between the following:

  • Type of Tax Forms (Form EA, STD2, TP3 etc.)

  • Year of Assessment for Tax Form submission

Downloading Tax Forms

To download published tax forms, employees can head to the "Download" option at the top of each form shown in the Tax module.

A PDF version of the tax form will be generated and downloaded into an employee's local drive accordingly. 😊

And there you have it! This Tax module should help your employee easily access their current and past tax forms in Talenox. πŸ‘Œ

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