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Managing Access & Features Displayed to Users

Managing access to different features and functions

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In Talenox, a Super Admin has the flexibility to provide different users with:

  • Different user access rights (e.g. Super Admin, Admin, User)

  • Access to different modules in the system (e.g. Profiles, Payroll, Leave)

  • Different tiered access to each module (e.g. Hidden, View Only, Manage)

In a typical Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) setup, one will usually have a Super Admin, a few Admins and all the other staff having User (Employee) access.

For different types of access rights, you can also set specific apps/modules** that each user can access to. With such flexibility, you can easily delegate your work to individual parties. 😄

Refer to this guide for a more in-depth view of each access rights and the options available for selection.

NOTE: Admins will be able to create and edit 'User' access role types only. They will also be able to revoke User roles.

**Do ensure to set up the apps/modules access rights for employees, only when you're ready to send an invite to the employee for profile activation. Otherwise, it will always revert to "Hidden" option even after saving the profile.

There are two ways to enable this for employees:

1) Manage access and features through the Overview page

  • Head to Add / Edit Company > View Users (Under your Company Name)

  • You'll be able to view Access Rights for all your employees in the company

  • Go to "Edit Access" under each individual employee's name to edit their access rights as well as access to apps and features in the system

2) Manage access and features through each Employee Profile

Head to Profiles > Manage my database > Employee Listing > Edit (Employee's profile to manage access) > User Account

If you are inviting your employee to access Talenox for the first time through this section:

  • Key in their User Account Email

  • Choose their access rights

  • Select the features that you'll like your employee to have access to within each module from the dropdown menus

  • 'Create and send invite' to invite your employees to access Talenox

If you are updating and editing access for an individual employee that has already been invited to access Talenox previously:

  • Click on the 'Edit access'

  • Edit / Adjust the features and access rights for your employee from the dropdown menus

  • Then select 'Update access' to automatically update the employee's access rights in the system

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