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Pushing Payroll Entries from Talenox to QBO
Pushing Payroll Entries from Talenox to QBO

Part 3: How to push payroll entries over to QBO. How payroll entries are presented in QBO.

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Are you utilising QuickBooks Online (QBO) alongside Talenox for your accounting needs?

If so, you will be able to connect both platforms, and push your payroll entries directly from Talenox over to QBO every single month.

This 3-part walkthrough will guide you through the following:

You are currently at final section of this 3-part guide - aimed at helping you easily set up QBO for Talenox πŸ˜„

Pushing your Payroll Entries over to QuickBooks Online

Here's a quick walkthrough on how to send payroll to QBO from Talenox.

1) After fully processing payroll for the month on Talenox, you'll be brought to the Month Total page.

On this page, head to "Export Bank Payments / Reports" to see a drop down list and select the 'Quickbooks' option:

NOTE: Please do only click on this option once to avoid duplicated payments being pushed over to QBO.

2) A pop-up message will appear in the page to notify you that the payroll entries have successfully been pushed over to QBO:

Viewing your Bills in QBO

Head to Expenses in QBO to take a look at the pay items that you have just pushed over from Talenox. No approval is required in QBO.

Do check through if every record is in place according to how you have mapped the exporting groupings over in Talenox. Here's a view of the Expenses in QBO:

When you choose to group your line items by 'Employees' or 'Cost Centres', it will reflect in the line items.

And there you have it, the complete set of guides to helping a user set up their Talenox - QuickBooks Online integration. πŸ˜†

Now you can map away at any time of the day!

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