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Connecting Talenox to QuickBooks Online & Mapping of Payroll Entries
Connecting Talenox to QuickBooks Online & Mapping of Payroll Entries

Part 2: How to connect QBO to the Talenox platform. Set up the QBO integration page in Talenox. Mapping of pay items to QBO.

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Are you utilising QuickBooks Online alongside Talenox for your accounting needs?

If so, you will be able to connect both platforms, and push your payroll entries directly from Talenox over to QBO every single month.

This 3-part walkthrough will guide you through the following:

You are currently at Part 2 of this 3-part guide - aimed at helping you easily set up QBO for Talenox 😄

Connect Talenox to QuickBooks Online

After preparing QBO for the integration, you'll have to go through a few steps in order to connect your QBO account to Talenox.

1) In the Talenox main navigation panel, head to More > Integrations:

2) You'll be brought to the Talenox Integrations page, where you can then click on the QBO logo as shown here:

3) A prompt will appear in the next page for you to 'Connect to QuickBooks'. Click on that to proceed to the next page.

4) You will be directed to QuickBooks Online to authorize Talenox to access your company. Select the 'Connect' option to complete the connection. It will take a few minutes to connect 😄

5) After the connection has been completed, you'll be brought to the Integration page in Talenox where you can start to map your payroll entries for pushing over to QBO.

Mapping your Payroll Entries in Talenox

To start things off, click on 'Edit' so that you can make adjustments to the current default settings when you first connect Talenox to QBO:

Main Settings

You'll have to accurately fill in these settings at the top of the page:

  • Export setting type: You'll push over the payroll entries according to “Bill”

  • Group line items by: You can choose to push the payroll entries as “Cost centre” (Lump Sum) or “Employee” (Individual Amounts)

NOTE: Pushing your payroll entries to QBO according to Cost Centre will ensure that individual employee salaries will not be seen in QBO 😃

Export Grouping, Expense (Accounts) & Suppliers

Before proceeding to export your payments to QBO, you'll need to match the correct Export Grouping in Talenox to your QBO Chart of Accounts set up previously.

1) To enable a payroll entry to be pushed over to QBO, you can choose the Export Groupings that you'd like to have 'Enabled?' in the system.

Talenox will use these settings to push your payroll records into Quickbooks online. Only those that are enabled will be pushed over.

2) Next, for each Export Grouping line enabled, you'll have to select and map the corresponding columns accordingly:

  • Expense - Account: Chart of Accounts in QBO corresponding to the correct Exporting Grouping for the different pay items.

  • Suppliers: Mapping to the correct Suppliers set up in QBO

3) Finally, once you are done mapping all the relevant exporting groupings in the integration page, you can click on 'Save' to save the settings in this page.

Now that you’re done connecting Talenox to QBO and learned how to map your payroll entries over, we can finally proceed to the last guide in the series: Part 3 - Pushing Payroll Entries from Talenox to QBO 😁

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