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What To Do When Employees Have a Change in Leave Approvers/Leave Approval Structures
What To Do When Employees Have a Change in Leave Approvers/Leave Approval Structures

Change in leave approver structures for your employees. Handling existing pending leave applications in the system.

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Sometimes, there are instances whereby employees have a change in leave approval structures/leave approvers in the system.

This change will affect the following:

  • Existing 'Pending' leave applications for employees who have had a change in their leave approvers

  • New leave applications applied

Currently, Talenox has an automated flow for instances where there is a change in leave approvers/leave approval structures for employees with existing 'Pending' leave applications.

This does not require you to re-apply for the leave application on behalf of your employees. πŸ‘

What Happens To 'Pending' Leave Applications During a Change in Leave Approvers?

Once any changes to leave approvers have been made and saved, any existing 'Pending' leave applications will automatically be changed to an "Incomplete" status:

Leave Applications with the "Incomplete" status will require approval by either Admin/Users to be reverted back to "Pending" status for leave approval - this is to keep the affected parties updated on any leave approver changes in their company.

NOTE: To change an employee's leave approvers/leave approval structure, head to Leave > Manage Leave Policies > Settings > Leave Approval Structure to make the necessary updates for employees. You can refer to this guide on how to assign users to approve leave in Talenox.

Below are the steps that both Employees and Admins are able to take to update these approver changes in existing leave applications.

Steps To Approve/Update Changes to Leave Approvers

1) Head to Leave > Manage Leave Policies > Leave Statuses to view all 'Incomplete' leave applications that need updating.

Under the Leave Statuses page, you will be able to filter the leave applications showing according to Leave Status:

2) Hover your cursor over any "Incomplete" leave application and click on the "Edit" option.

3) You'll be brought to the leave application where a message will be showing to indicate the reason for the application's "Incomplete" status.

Click on "Show Issue" to begin the acknowledgement process:

4) You'll be brought further down the leave application to resolve and acknowledge the change in leave approvers.

Check through the changes and updates to the application and select "Resolve" if the change in leave approvers are in order:

5) Finally, click on 'Save' to have the resolved changes updated in the application directly.

6) The leave application should now revert back to 'Pending' status for approval by the newly updated approvers.

These steps will ensure that newly assigned leave approvers will be able to receive notifications and view these leave applications in the system. 😊

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