Sometimes, there are instances whereby employees have a change in leave approval structures/leave approvers in the system.

This change will affect the following:

  • Existing 'Pending' leave applications for employees who have had a change in their leave approvers

  • New leave applications applied

Admins need to take note of the employees who have any existing 'Pending' leave applications that have not been approved yet by their previous leave approvers.

Currently, Talenox does not auto-update the leave approvers for these Pending leave applications. Therefore, the following steps will have to be taken by Admins of the company account:

Step 1: Change Leave Approvers

Switch the leave approvers in the system for the relevant employees and their approval structures.

You can refer to this guide on how to assign users to approve leave in Talenox.

Step 2: Delete the existing 'Pending' leave applications applied for by the affected employees while still under their old leave approvers

Pending leave applications under the employees old approvers will have to be deleted from the system as the employee's leave approvers have already been adjusted accordingly.

NOTE: Do take not of these deleted applications, you'll need the information in the next step!

Step 3: Re-apply for same leave applications on behalf of the employees with a change of leave approvers in the system

Re-apply leave for the affected employees under their new approval structure/leave approvers for approval or rejections accordingly 👍

These steps will ensure that newly assigned leave approvers will be able to receive notifications and view these leave applications in the system. 😊

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