Made a mistake while processing payroll and need to make a quick edit? All good! Editing existing payments in Talenox is a breeze.

1) Head to Payroll > Payroll Settings > All Payments page.

2) Hover your cursor over the payment batch you'd like to edit, then click View. This will bring you to Step 2 of payroll processing to make any edits.

3) Unlock the payment batch. All processed payroll are auto-locked to prevent accidental changes to payment data. You will need to unlock the payment first before being able to make edits.

4) Process payroll till the final step - Month Total. If you navigate out of editing a payment halfway, the payment will be treated as a "Draft" and payment data will not show up on the Month Total page. 😁

Things to note when using this function:

  • If you run multiple payments in a month, you may like to name the payments so they are easier to identify.

  • Any changes made will automatically update the Payslips even if they have been published previously.

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