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How To Set Up Child Care Leave Policies
How To Set Up Child Care Leave Policies

Entitlement period. Citizen & non-citizen leave limits. Award Schedule.

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To configure your default Child Care Leave settings for the whole company, you'll have to ensure that the follow fields are filled up accurately for leave balance eligibility and calculations for employees:

Entitlement Period

An employee is entitled to 6 days of childcare leave per year if he/she is covered under the Child Development Co-Savings Act. This act covers all parents of Singapore citizens, including managerial, executive or confidential staff.

The entitlement period options in the system determine when an employee's CCL entitlement is awarded. There are currently 2 options available for selection in the system:

1) Period determined by age of child

Under this option, you'll be able to key in the "Qualifying Age of Child Start Date in Months" and the corresponding "Qualifying Age of Child End Date in Months".

For these fields, you can key in the specific age of the child (in months), that your employee will be able to apply for Child Care Leave for.

The system calculates the number of months based on the child's birthdate keyed into the Next-of-Kin details under an employee's profile.

2) Statutory period of up to 6 years

According to MOM, some flexibility can be given for the year that an employee chooses to start taking their Child Care Leave (CCL) entitlement. This depends on how the company would like to standardise this - during the year a child is born or the year after the child is born.

In Talenox, we support these settings by giving you the option to "Delay Start of Entitlement by":

  • The year that the child is born (β€˜0’ option)

  • The year after the child is born (β€˜1’ option)

**For example, if an employee's child is born in August 2013, the employee can start taking their CCL either in 2013 or 2014:

  • If the '0'option is chosen, an employee's CCL will be available for taking in 2013, where the last 6 days of CCL will have to be taken in the year 2019 (7 year period)

  • If the '1' option is chosen, an employee's CCL will be available for taking in 2014, where the last 6 days of CCL will have to be taken in the year 2020 (7 year period)


Another reason to choose this option if you want to ensure that if an employee has children in both age groups (below 7 and between 7 and 12), the total paid child care leave is a maximum of 6 days per year.

(excerpt from MOM's Extended Child Care Leave article)

Extended Child Care Leave should not appear until Child Care Leave ends, preventing any chance of overlap or exceeding the 6-day limit and the entitlement period for these leaves should follow the calendar year.

Leave Limits

The Citizen/Non-Citizen leave limits denotes an employee's maximum lifetime CCL limit to be taken in the system when this has been set.

Childcare leave is capped at:

  • 42 days for children who are Singapore citizens

  • 14 days for children who are non-Singapore citizens.

Award Schedules

The award schedule set up in the system is determined by the number of months an employee has worked in the company so far.

CCL entitlement will be pro-rated according to the award schedules set up in the CCL Leave Type Settings - these are set-up according to labour law guidelines by default. πŸ‘πŸ»

Child is a citizen:

Child is not a citizen:

Please do keep the tiering as shown above so that the leave entitlement settings will follow MOM's Labour Law guidelines for Child Care Leave.

After understanding more about the settings, you can now start setting up your CCL leave settings in Talenox πŸ˜„

For more information on the statutory leave policies for CCL in Singapore, you can refer here. =)

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