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Child Care Leave (Singapore)

Entitlement and eligibility for Childcare Leave for employees in Singapore. Adding Child's Details in Next-of-Kin.

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An employee is eligible for Childcare Leave (CCL) as long as they fulfil the following requirement:

  • Worked for an employer or have been self-employed for at least 3 continuous months.

  • Has a child under 7 years of age.


The childcare leave entitlement per year is fixed regardless of the number of children who qualify and needs to be consumed within each year.

Entitlement per year is dependent on the nationality of the child in Singapore:

1) Child who is a Singapore Citizen

6 days of childcare leave per year

  • The first 3 days are paid by the employer while the remaining 3 days are paid by the government, capped at $500 per day inclusive of CPF contributions.

  • Capped at 42 days in total as a parent.

2 days of extended childcare leave per year (Children 7 to 12 years of age inclusive)

  • Paid by the government capped at $500 per day inclusive of CPF contributions.

  • For parents with children eligible for both CCL and extended CCL, the total paid child care leave for each parent is a maximum of 6 days per year.

6 days of unpaid infant care leave per year (Children below 2 years of age)

  • This is in addition to any childcare leave entitlement.

2) Child who is not a Singapore Citizen

2 days of childcare leave per year

  • Paid by the employer.

  • Capped at 14 days in total as a parent.

You can refer to this article for the steps on how to set up CCL in Talenox =)

Prorated Childcare Leave

An employer may pro-rate the childcare leave entitlement of a new hire, up to a minimum of 2 days, as follows:

To know more about prorated child care leave, do head over here.Β 

Unlocking Childcare Leave for Employees in Talenox

By default, not all employees are granted Child Care Leave. In Talenox, it is based on eligibility in accordance with what is keyed into the following section:

  • Add the child's details in the Next-of-Kin section of the Employee Profile.

Keying in the employee's Next of Kin details will help to unlock the relevant statutory leave types like Childcare Leave in the system. πŸ‘πŸ»

Claiming from the Government-Paid Child Care Leave (GPCL) Scheme?

Currently, we are following the calendar year by default for the 12-month relevant period to claim from Government-Paid Child Care Leave (GPCL) Scheme.

The Government will reimburse your company for a maximum of 3 child care leave days over a 12-month period. It is capped at $500 per day.Β 

For more information on GPCL benefits, you can head over to the Government-Paid Leave website. Guides on how to submit GPCL claim online via the GPL Portal is shown too (scroll down to the "What should I do as an employer" section). 😁

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