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Leave Application Notifications & Google Calendar Sync
Leave Application Notifications & Google Calendar Sync

Email leave application notifications and Google calendar sync name displays.

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When an employee applies for leave in the system, an email notification will automatically be sent to the employee's leave approvers by Talenox.

Additionally, if you have chosen to connect your company Google Calendar to the Leave module in Talenox, these applications will be synced over to your Google Calendar once it has been approved. πŸ‘πŸ»

You might be wondering at this point - what is the default name displays for leave approval emails as well as the sync to Google Calendar? Let's break it down for you:

  • Leave Approval Emails - First Name of the employee applying for leave will appear in the subject header and body of the email notification.

  • Google Calendar Sync - First Name of the employee applying and the leave type will appear as a new event for the day in the Google Calendar synced.

NOTE: The system uses the employee's First Name based on what is keyed into their employee profiles in Talenox (under Profiles > Employee Listing > Personal Details)

We only utilise an employee's First Name due to Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) reasons.

Currently, these are fixed displays in the system. If you'd like to change these displays, please approach us at for further clarity on the options available 😁

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