Did you know that you can instantly connect your current work leave calendar (using Google Calendar) to sync your employees' approved leave applications?

Here's how you can do it:

1. Head over to Leave > Leave Settings and you will arrive at the following section:

2. After enabling the syncing function, you can share the calendar view on Google Calendar with your employees. 

For now, it only syncs with your main calendar and it will remain as an Admin setup as it is a crucial feature to manage multiple leave applications for all employees at their level. If you as the HR has already synced to your company's google shared calendar, your employees can request you to add him/her into their calendar. 😁


Deleting Synced Leave Applications in Google Calendar

When an approved leave application is rejected or cancelled by a leave approver/Admin, the synced leave application will not be auto-removed in your Google Calendar.

Instead, Admins will need to manually remove the said leave application in your Google Calendar as this process is not automated.

For now, auto-syncing only works in a single way; which is directly to Google Calendar only once the leave is approved.

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