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Integration with Google Calendar

Connect your company's shared work leave calendar (Google Account) to sync approved leave applications

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Did you know that you can instantly connect your current work leave calendar (using Google Calendar) to sync your employees' approved leave applications?

Users are now able to choose the calendar they want their employee's leave applications to sync to in their Google Calendar.

This feature remains as an Admin setup as it is a crucial feature to manage multiple leave applications for all employees at their level.

As a HR of the company, once you have synced to your company's google shared calendar to Talenox's Leave Module, your employees can request you to add him/her into this calendar to view leave taken by all other employees. 😁

Leave Calendar Set-up

Here's how you can set-up the integration from Talenox's Leave module to Google Calendar:

1) Head over to Leave > Manage Leave Policies > Leave Settings > Calendar Sync > Sign in with Google to enable the initial login process to your Google Account:

2) Login to your Google Account for authentication and follow the prompts.

3) After logging into your Google Account, will you be re-directed back to the Calendar Sync page in Talenox. You can then select a specific calendar to sync your employee's leave applications to within your Google Account.

4) Toggle to your desired calendar for syncing and click on the 'Sync Calendar' option.

5) When the calendar is syncing, the dropdown calendar list is disabled to prevent any accidental switching of calendars during the syncing process. If you want to switch calendars, you can do so after the sync has completed.

NOTE: Only approved leaves from up to two calendar years back will be synced to Google Calendar.

Deleting Synced Leave Applications in Google Calendar

When an approved leave application is rejected or cancelled by a leave approver/Admin, the synced leave application will be auto-removed in your Google Calendar too.

Repairing Google Calendar Errors

Should an error occur while updating your calendar, the system will prompt you to either "disconnect" or "repair" your calendar.

Repairing and disconnecting works in a similar way to cleaning up your Google Calendar.

Talenox will only allow you to "repair" your calendar in the event of an error happening. If you want to disconnect and re-connect your calendar, you'll have to repeat the connection set-up process once again (Step 1-5 above).

What Can Employees See in Google Calendar?

For privacy purposes, we have added Leave Type Display Settings which allows for Admins to let employees to see the types of leave being taken by the entire company in the sync to Google Calendar.

Simply head to Profiles > Company Details > Basic Information > Leave types display settings (Google Calendar) and toggle to the options required:

  • Show leave types - leave types e.g. Annual Leave will be on display in Google Calendar events for all to see

  • Hide leave types - leave types will be hidden from view; employees will only be able to see that others are taking leave, but not the leave type.


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