When first setting up your employee profiles in Talenox, there are some fields that might be a little confusing because of the similarities in data to be keyed into each employee's profile.

However, each field also serves a specific purpose in the system - so it would be best to fill it in accurately 😄

  • Hired Date: Recording an employee's first day of employment. Differs if employee is re-hired into the company. Needed for leave entitlement proration

  • Resign Date: Recording an employee's last day of employment. Needed for final leave balance proration. Used to record employee's active status in Payroll; excluding employee from payroll processing past his/her resign date.

  • Job Start Date: Recording of employee's first day of their job. Differs from first day of employment if new job cards (for promotion or salary increments) are added in for an employee. Needed for salary proration

  • Job End Date: Recording of employee's last day of their job. Differs based on new jobs cards added in for an employee. Needed for final salary proration

Hope this clearly explain what to input for each of these fields within an employee profile in Talenox 👍🏻

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