So you've already created all your employee profiles in Talenox, but what if you need to make a mass edit for a certain field? Surely not editing each employee profile one by one right? 😲

Well, look no further because here are the next steps you'll need to edit your profiles all at once.

Export Existing Employee Data

Export your employees data under Profiles > Manage My Database > Employee Listing > Export > Export Employees.

Edit and Import Employee Data

We now have 2 ways to import your employee data into the system:

Microsoft Excel Sheet

1) Make your amendments directly in the exported excel sheet

2) Head to Profiles > Manage My Database > Employee Listing > Import Employees in Talenox and choose the "Excel" option in the drop down list.

3) Click the "Upload" option and upload your file directly.

Note: Any data fields we detect as incorrect or blank will be flagged up as an error message for rectification.

Google Sheets

1) Under Profiles > Manage My Database > Employee Listing > Import Employees in Talenox, select the "Google Sheet" option from the drop down menu and click "Edit".

2) A Google import sheet will appear in another tab. Copy the exported employees data into this new sheet.

3) Proceed to amend employee details directly in the importing sheet.

4) Please ensure that each Employee ID, First Name and Last Name match their existing data within the system to avoid duplicating employees.

5) Finally, import all the refreshed data. Do this by heading to your original tab in Talenox and clicking "Import".

And there you have it! Save some time and easily make your edits in bulk this way 👍

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