When an employee resigns from your company, you will need to prepare IR56F forms to print for mailing to Inland Revenue Department (IRD). You can refer to the guide below or follow these steps:

  1. Head over to Payroll > Payroll Settings > IR56F.  

  2. Update your Employer Info and double check all the IR56F forms to ensure that everything is in place.

  3. As Talenox is a self-developed software, employers who wish to submit IR56F data file to IRD, must first seek approval from the Department. The steps can be viewed by clicking on “Apply for Approval” button.

  4. Upon obtaining the approval, click on “Download E-Filing form” and submit the file directly to IRD via Online Mode. 

  5. You can find out the details of Employer’s Return e-Filing Services here: https://www.ird.gov.hk/eng/pdf/er_efiling_userguide.pdf

IRD team will take a few weeks to check through before they send you an update through email and/or mail.

(Please click on the above and maximise to view the guide.)

Alternatively, you can also view a short video clip on how to submit Form IR56F to IRD:

For more information about IR56F and other tax forms, please refer to: https://www.ird.gov.hk/eng/tax/ere.htm.

After generating and submission of IR56F forms, you can now choose to publish individual tax forms to employees via email.

Have a great tax submission season! 😎

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