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What To Do When An Employee Resigns from the Company?
What To Do When An Employee Resigns from the Company?

Steps to take when an employee leaves the company. Ensure that the employee does not contribute to active headcount.

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When an employee leaves the company, you only need one simple step to ensure that they are listed with a "Resigned" status under Employee Listing. This status will ensure that the employee will no longer contribute to active headcount and will not be counted in the next billing cycle!

Just head to Profiles > Employee Listing > Edit (Employee's profile) > Employment Details and key in the employee's "Resign Date". Prorated leave balances will then be calculated automatically! 👍

When you fill in the Resign Date, the system will also populate "Job End Date" field under Current Job Details if the End Date is blank.

Once you have saved these details in employee profile, you should see this icon appear in the employee's status under employee listing:

Note: Resigned employees still have user access to their Talenox accounts. Admins can decide when they would like to remove the user's access at any time. ☺️

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