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How to Delete My Company Account in Talenox?
How to Delete My Company Account in Talenox?

Steps to deactivate/terminate/cancel company account in Talenox

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To remove your existing company account (or a duplicate account that you may have accidentally created) in Talenox, you can follow these steps:

1) Head to Billing Dashboard page by clicking on the top-left hand corner dropdown to reveal the "Billing Dashboard" option for selection

2) Under your Plan Details, click on the "See Plans" option.

3) Under the "Subscription Plans" page, scroll down and click on "I'd like to deactivate <Company Name> account" found on the bottom of the page.

Once your account is deleted, all your employees data in Profiles, Payroll and Leave apps will be permanently removed. 

However, if you want to retain your company account but only wish to unsubscribe from the SUITE plan, you can refer the steps here.  😁

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