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Converting SUITE Plan to FREE Plan

Steps to unsubscribe from SUITE plan.

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If you are planning to unsubscribe from the SUITE plan (though we hope not! 😬), here are the steps to convert your account to the Free plan:

1) Head over to the top-right dropdown list and select the 'Billing Dashboard'.Β 

2) Next, head to the 'Current Plan' section and select the "Change Plan" option found below:

3) You'll then be brought into the Subscription Plans page where you can select the plan that suits you best. In this case, you will click on the "Choose Plan" option showing under the FREE plan option:

4) Key in the relevant details required on the page and click on "Confirm cancel plan" button to bring your account into the select plan (FREE):

To subscribe to the SUITE plan again, you can view this guide here. 😎

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