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Applying For Birthday Leave
Applying For Birthday Leave

How you can easily submit a birthday leave application πŸŽ‚

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One's birthday comes only once a year. By default in Talenox, not all employees are entitled to Birthday Leave when they first join a company. To ensure your employee is eligible for this leave type, you will need to key in his/her birthdate in their Employee Profile.

​How to Add Birthday Leave Type in Leave Settings

If you are unable to see Birthday Leave in the Leave Settings page, proceed to Add a custom leave type field and add Birthday Leave from the drop-down list.Β 

Setting up Birthday Leave Entitlement

This leave entitlement is based on your company's policy for all employees. For example, assuming birthday leave can be applied 1 month before birthdate and will expire the same month, here's how you can set it up:

Remember to hit the Save button after completion. All fields are editable so you can change the entitlement anytime. 😁


For Admins: If you want to enable or disable birthday notifications, simply head to this guide to follow the necessary steps. 😁

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