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What is Pay Item Schedule (Malaysia)

Timed Allowance. Pay Item Schedule. Set allowance for certain time period

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Pay Item Schedule helps you to schedule a limited time “Allowance” that will be automatically included when they process payment for particular employees.

This feature supports multiple practical scenarios, such as:

  • Temporary allowances for special projects lasting a few months.

  • Deductions for employee loans that need to be repaid over a specified period.

  • Prorated pay item amount based on an employee's joining or resignation dates (as highest priority), and schedule start date and end date, within the payment period.

💡 This feature is only available in the SUITE plan.

You can access the Pay Item Schedule by clicking Payroll and it should appear in the drop down menu.

This is the main page for Pay Item Schedule:

As a Super Admin, you can access all Pay Item Schedules here. There is an "Included" column at the right most column and a tick indicates that a specific schedule pay item has already been processed in any payments for a particular month. Do take note that each pay item can be processed only once in a given month.

There are 2 ways of updating / creating / delete a schedule:

Method 1 - Manual Edit

Method 2 - Import using our Excel template

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why am I not able to create another exact pairing?

Every “employee” - “pay item” pair must be unique. If “Employee 02” and “Allowance” pair exist, you cannot create another same pairing. Having the same pairing in your import excel will overwrite the existing pairing. If you use manual “New Schedule”, you won’t be able to save it and you will see a warning message.

2. Why can’t I select certain pay items to add new pay item schedule?

You can only choose pay item that is under “Recurring” category. Ad Hoc and Attendance category is not supported at the moment.

3. Must I add an end date in the pay item schedule?

Start Date is mandatory, and End Date is optional. If End Date is not specified, this pairing will be included in all subsequent months (only one payment though), until resignation date or End Date being specified.

4. How do i exclude the scheduled pay item?

You can use “Whole Month (no monthly pay items)” to exclude scheduled pay item.

5. Why is there an error called "Must be negative for negative type pay item?"

For the following pay items below, the amount has to be negative.




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