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How to Enable Automated Self-Help Group Selection in Employee Profiles?
How to Enable Automated Self-Help Group Selection in Employee Profiles?

Automating SHG selection for employees. Based on Race, Religion, and Immigration Status keyed in for employees.

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The following are some frequently asked questions that we often encounter:

  1. "How do I know which Self Help Group my employee is contributing to?"

  2. "What is the criteria for SHG selection for an employee? How can I have this done for me automatically?"

  3. "How do I know if my employee has to contribute to 2 SHGs?"

Previously, an employee's SHG had to be selected by admins of an account manually each time during set-up of each new employee profile.

You can now have your employee's SHG selected for them automatically during employee profile set-up.

How to Enable This Feature?

Once the feature is enabled, your employee's SHG will be automatically selected for them in their 'Statutory Details' section in their employee profiles.

1) Individual Employee Profile Set-Up

Head to the employee's profile under 'Statutory Details' section and check the "Automate SHG" checkbox.

2) Employee Data Importing Sheet

In the employee data importing sheet, select the "Yes" option under the 'SHG Automation' column.

You do not have to select the contribution groups for your employees with this feature enabled in the sheet during upload, the other group columns can be left blank.

During employee import process, if there are only SHG errors, the system will have a convenient pop-up window for admins to edit the details directly for import into the system:

Which Fields Affect SHG Selection in Talenox?

These are the following fields that will determine the Self-Help Group chosen for the employee:

  • Race

  • Religion

  • Immigration Status

Each Self-Help Group chosen for an employee is based on a combination of the 3 factors mentioned above:


  • Immigration Status: Singapore Citizen / Singapore Permanent Resident

  • Race: Chinese


  • Immigration Status: All immigration status types

  • Religion: Muslim

3) ECF

  • Immigration Status: Singapore Citizen / Singapore Permanent Resident

  • Race: Eurasian


  • Immigration Status: Singapore Citizen / Singapore PR / Employment Pass / Personalised Employment Pass

  • Race: Indian

What Happens When an Employee's SHG Can't Be Determined?

In the employee's profile, there will be an error message indicating "unable to find matching contributions":

As such, you'll have to manually select the SHG that applies to your employees directly in their employee profiles.

The employee might not be eligible for any SHG contributions, in which case, you'll choose the "N/A" option under this field accordingly.

We hope that this feature helps all of our users and lends more convenience to their employee statutory contribution set-up process in Talenox!

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