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Which Immigration Status is exempted from IR8A submission?
Which Immigration Status is exempted from IR8A submission?

How to ensure that your employees are exempted from IR8A submission

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The following are some frequently asked questions that we often encounter:

  1. In Talenox, how does the system determine whether an employee should generate Form IR8A or Form IR21, and what specific parameter needs to be checked for employees generating Form IR21?

  2. Which immigration statuses in Talenox have the tax checkbox automatically checked, and which statuses require manual checking or unchecking of the tax checkbox, as mentioned in the article?

  3. Which immigration status is exempted from IR8A that we need to know before we start generating IR8A forms?

According to IRAS based on their Explanatory Notes on Form IR8A and Appendix 8A,

As an employer, you are required to complete a Form IR8A and Appendix 8A / Appendix 8B / Form IR8S (if applicable) to report the remuneration for the following employees:

(a) Full-time resident employee;

(b) Part-time resident employee;

(c) Non-resident employees including those based overseas but who rendered services in Singapore and whose employment income was not reported for tax clearance via Form IR21;

(d) Company director (including a non-resident director);

(e) Board Member receiving Board/Committee Member fees;

(f) Pensioner; and

(g) Employee who left the organization but was in receipt of income in 2023 (e.g. stock options gains).


(i) Foreigners whose tax clearance had been sought via Form IR21 and who did not derive any other Singapore-sourced income apart from the income for which clearance had been sought;

(ii) Foreigners who are contracted by a Singapore employer to be based overseas and who rendered their employment services wholly outside Singapore for the whole calendar year; and

(iii) Foreigners who have left the organization where the filing of Form IR21 is required.

How does Talenox determine an employee’s eligibility for IR8A or IR21?

In Talenox, if you see your employee who’s under IR8A but is supposed to generate IR21, you need to ensure you have checked the Is leaving Country to ensure that their form will not be generated for IR8A.

You can refer to this guide under Submission for IR21.

Which Immigration Status does not have the Tax checkbox automatically checked?

All Immigration Status in the employee’s profile has the Tax checkbox automatically ticked except the following:

  • Contract (No CPF, No SDL)

  • Contract With SDL (No CPF, W/SDL)

  • Work Holiday Pass(No CPF)

Can we manually tick or untick the checkboxes?

Yes, it is possible to tick or untick the Tax checkboxes manually. However, it is recommended that you ensure the Immigration Status is correctly setup so that the system can determine this for you and automatically tick the necessary checkboxes before you start processing payments for the year.

More information can be found in this article.

More info can be found on the IRAS website here as well.

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