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Introducing the New Leave Balances page (Overview)
Introducing the New Leave Balances page (Overview)

Quick guide on the features in the revamped Leave Balances page. Leave Module.

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The new Leave Balance page significantly enhances user experience by introducing improved filters and customizable column views.

It also improves load times for larger companies and incorporates session security features.

This update provides a more efficient and secure way to manage and view various types of leave balances.

Access to the new Leave Balances page

Access to this page can be gained in several ways:

  • Click on "Leave > Leave Balances" in the top navigation bar OR

  • Via "Manage Leave Policies > Leave Balances

Feature Details

You can now enjoy a more refined experience by using the following filters:

  • Department

  • Job Title

  • Resignation status


Additionally, you have the option to customize which columns they'd like to display when viewing company leave balances.

You will have the following options to set up or to remove:

  • Emp ID

  • Department

  • Job Title

  • Annual Leave Balance

  • Off in Lieu Balance

  • No Pay Leave Taken

  • Sick Leave Taken

There will be more column options to be added in the near future. πŸ˜‰

New Security Feature

To enhance security, if you remain idle on the page for 20 minutes, you will be prompted to refresh your session by clicking the "Continue" button.

This is crucial for security reasons and it is important for keeping things secure; especially when you're searching for or sorting through employee information.

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