Is ORSO scheme supported in Talenox?

Occupational Retirement Schemes Ordinance. Older version of MPF in Hong Kong

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The following are some frequently asked questions that we often encounter:

  1. "Does Talenox provide support for ORSO?"

  2. "Some of my colleagues here are participants of the ORSO scheme, which includes a consistent monthly contribution of 5% from both the employer and employee without any limitations. Is there a handy feature in Talenox that automatically does the math each month?"

  3. "Can Talenox produce Orso files?"

Below, you'll find responses to frequently asked questions that we often encounter.


Since the launch of the MPF System, MPFA has exempted a number of ORSO schemes that meet certain criteria from following MPF regulations, thus assuming the role of the Registrar of Occupational Retirement Schemes (ORSO schemes).

Does Talenox support ORSO?

Currently our system is configured to support only the MPF scheme, and not the ORSO scheme. Furthermore, we currently lack a specific pay item to map directly into the 11G field.

Nevertheless, there is a workaround available for this situation. You may opt to utilize the 'Others' pay item to disburse ORSO fund payments.

Subsequently, the amount can be manually entered into the 11G field on the IR56B form.

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