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Encountering Incorrect Password Error While Accessing Payslip
Encountering Incorrect Password Error While Accessing Payslip

Incorrect Date of Birth (Birthdate). Employee Profile.

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Here are a few common queries we typically receive:

  1. "I've been notified about my payslip via email, but I'm having trouble opening the PDF. It seems to require a password in the DDMMYYYY format. Despite entering the correct format, it's showing 'invalid password.'"

  2. "When I enter my birthday in the DDMMYYYY format, I receive an 'invalid password' message."

  3. "Our team has been encountering issues accessing their payslips. They've mentioned that the payslips appear encrypted and they're unable to open them. Is there a step I'm missing, or a setting that needs adjustment?"


Below, you'll find responses to frequently asked questions that we often encounter.

The "Invalid password" prompt that appears while accessing payslips is typically a result of an incorrectly entered date of birth in the Birthdate field of the employee's profile.

After rectifying and saving the correct Birthdate, you would need to execute payroll re-processing once again.

You need not worry about already published payslips, as these will be automatically updated to reflect any new changes.

Following these adjustments, employees should be able to access their payslips by entering their correct birthdate.

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