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Understanding the Pairing of Outpatient and Hospitalization Sick Leave (Singapore & Malaysia)
Understanding the Pairing of Outpatient and Hospitalization Sick Leave (Singapore & Malaysia)

No outpatient leave balance / entitlement.

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The following are some frequently asked questions that we often encounter:

Scenario 1:

  1. "Why does my staff have no remaining balance for outpatient leave? Is there an error I should be aware of?"

  2. "Is it possible to allocate sick leaves to new employees who have just joined and are not yet confirmed (less than 3 months)? If so, how can I implement this?"

  3. "We have facilitated newly joined staff to apply for 3 days of sick leave, yet the system is still displaying 0 days. How can we rectify this issue?"

Scenario 2:

  1. "Could you help clarify why my employee's hospitalization sick leave balance was reduced when they only applied for outpatient sick leave?"


Below, you'll find responses to frequently asked questions that we often encounter.

Should you encounter any of the above scenarios, it may be due to the pairing of Outpatient sick leave with Hospitalization sick leave within the entitlement and settings configuration.

When the pairing is enabled and if you're observing a balance of 0 days for outpatient sick leave, it's likely related to the settings under Sick Leave - Hospitalization. Specifically, for the first three months, the system is set to allow 0 days of leave. For example:


To address this, you have the option to separate or 'unpair' the Outpatient and Hospitalization sick leave settings in the system.

How will this show in the employee's Leave Balances page?


For Sick Leave - Hospitalisation, previously we do not display this deduction action in the sysytem for Admin & Employee view. Instead, we immediately display the value after deduction as the base entitlement.

As a result, the Base Leave Entitlement will appear lower than the intended value (default 60 days). For example, if 11 days Sick Leave - Outpatient is taken, this is the breakdown for Sick Leave - Hospitalisation:

This may confuse Admins and/or employees who are not familiar because it is showing 49 days instead of 60 days.



The new breakdown will show some details for the leave that is being attached to another.

1. Breakdown for Sick Leave - Hospitalisation:

  • New field Leave Pairing Status to inform users whether another leave is being paired to it

  • Base Leave Entitlement will now show the original value before any deduction from the paired leave

  • Additional Consumed by field which shows the amount being deducted due to leave taken on the paired leave

  • Using the screenshot below, now instead of Base Leave Entitlement 49, it will show 60 and the deduction of 11 days from outpatient leave which amounts to a balance of 49 days

2. Breakdown for Sick Leave - Outpatient:

  • The field Leave Pairing Status replaces the existing Hospitalisation Pairing field to make it more general

  • Base Leave Entitlement now includes a mini breakdown to explain how the base entitlement is derived

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