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Email Reminder Alerts for Work Pass Expirations (Singapore)
Email Reminder Alerts for Work Pass Expirations (Singapore)

To remind Admins and Super Admins.

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We understand the importance of staying up to date with work pass expiration dates for your employees.

To help you manage this effectively, Talenox sends out email notifications to all Admins and Super Admins of the company, at least 3 months before the expiration date. This allows you to have ample time to take the necessary steps for renewals or other related processes.

Here is a list of work pass types for which we send out email reminder alerts:

  1. Singapore Work Permit (SG Work Permit)

  2. Singapore S Pass (S Pass)

  3. Singapore Employment Pass (E Pass)

  4. Singapore Personalised Employment Pass (PE Pass)

  5. Singapore Dependent Pass (SG Dependent Pass)

  6. Singapore Permanent Resident (SG PR)


By receiving these timely email notifications, you can ensure your company remains compliant with immigration regulations and maintain a smooth workflow for your employees.

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