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How to Set-up and Manage Off-In-Lieu (OIL)?
How to Set-up and Manage Off-In-Lieu (OIL)?

Granting OIL (replacement time off, leave compensation, holiday replacement, custom time off). Viewing and managing expired/inactive OILs.

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Off-In-Lieu (OIL) are usually used to award days off to staff (leave compensation), typically for working overtime or on rest days or holidays.

This guide will bring you through the following:

  • Setting up a new Off-In-Lieu (OIL)

  • Summarised admin view of OILs

  • Managing the OILs your employees can view in the system (Inactive/Expired)

Setting Up a New Off-In-Lieu (OIL)

1) Head over to Leave > Manage Leave Policies > Manage Off-in-Lieu and click on "New Off in Lieu" to set up a completely new OIL in the system:Β 

2) You'll be brought to the OIL set-up page to key in the following settings for creation.

  • Off-in-Lieu Type - For selection of the type of OIL granted to an employee

  • Amount - Number of days to be given, in multiples of 0.5 - do not add any text in this box.

  • Start date - Determines when the OIL can be discoverable in the Leave Type drop down when a staff applies for leave, as well as the first date it can be applied for.

  • Expiry date - Determines the last day the OIL can be applied before it is no longer eligible and will be hidden from your employees.

  • Choose employee - To select the employees eligible for the OIL so it shows up in their Leave entitlement page.

  • Remarks - To indicate the reason for granting the OIL, which is displayed during Leave application under Select Leave Type:

3) Click on 'Save' so that the OIL will be saved into the system and appear in the selected employees' leave entitlement pages.

Summarised Admin View of OILs in Talenox

As an Admin of the account, you will be able to view a summary of the employee balances for a particular OIL created.

Head to the main OIL management page (Leave > Manage Leave Policies > Manage Off-in-Lieu) and click into any individual OIL created.

You should be able to scroll down and view the OIL balances of the employees who have been awarded with this particular OIL:

NOTE: We will even indicate once this OIL has expired in the system for easy viewing πŸ˜„

Managing Employee's View of Inactive/Expired OILs

We now have a setting for you to customise whether your employees will be able to view any inactive or expired OILs in the system.

To enable this for them, you can head to Profiles > Company Details > Basic Information and scroll down to the settings below:

You can either choose to show/hide any inactive or expired OILs to your employees in their leave balances page - this will be based on your company preferences.

Now you can manage your Off-In-Lieu in our Leave module like a pro πŸ‘

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