If you'd like to award days off to staff (leave compensation), typically for working overtime or on rest days or holidays, head over to Leave > Manage Leave Policies > Manage Off-in-Lieu.  Click on "New Off in Lieu". 

Choose the appropriate Off in Lieu Type label:

  • (PH) - for public holiday replacement
  • (OT) - for accumulated time off due to over time duties
  • Compassionate - for compassionate leave where eligible
  • Ad hoc - for any other reason than the above

Amount refers to the number of days to be given, in multiples of 0.5 - do not add any text in this box.

Start date determines when the Off can be discoverable in the Leave Type drop down when a staff applies for leave, as well as the first date it can be applied for.

Expiry date determines the last day the leave can be applied before it is no longer eligible and will be hidden. You can edit the Off to extend it if needed.

Choose employee who are eligible for the Off so it shows up in their Leave entitlement page.

Remarks is an option to indicate the reason for granting the Off, which is displayed during Leave application under Select Leave Type:

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