How to View Leave Breakdown

Viewing more detailed information on your leave balances.

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Good news! 😎

Now you can view your Leave in a more in-depth breakdown with our new Leave Breakdown display.

Admins and employees should be able to do the following with more clarity now:

  • View Leave Balance breakdowns

  • Check how the system’s leave calculation formulas are utilised in the leave balance breakdown

  • Easily see the policies that the has company set-up for each leave type awarded to employees

Viewing Individual Employee Leave Balance Breakdown

1) Head to Leave > Leave Balances. Select the employee’s name.

2) Click on the ‘More Info’ arrow or click on the ‘view breakdown’ option to view leave type calculation breakdowns

A new sidebar will appear to show you the breakdown of your leave balances for each leave type - including the formula used to calculate them.

This is the following information that will be displayed in the sidebar:

  • Entitlement Period

  • Entitlement Policy

  • Carry Forward Policy

  • Base Calculation & Formula used (based on your leave policy settings)

  • Base Leave Taken / Adjusted

  • Carry Forward Calculation

  • Carry Forward Taken / Adjusted

  • Final Leave Balance

  • Leave Application and Adjustment records (directly linked to the records)

3) By default, when accessing the employee’s Leave balance page, the system will show you the leave balances as of the current date.

You can always adjust the date to view leave balances as of a specific date of choice instead. 👍🏻

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