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How To View/Edit Any Tax Form in Talenox
How To View/Edit Any Tax Form in Talenox

Finding out how to view/edit any tax form in Talenox under Step 2 of the tax form generation process

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You can easily edit your employee’s tax forms if you need to fill them in manually or make adjustments to the figures showing.

If you have generated your tax forms and need to make manual adjustments to an employee’s tax form before you make your submission, you should be able to View/Edit the tax form by following the steps below:

1) Scroll down the tax form generation page and click the ”View/Edit” button beside the specific employee’s name

2) Head over to the top right and click ”Edit”

3) Do remember to “Save” the form once any edits have been made so that the forms are updated with any changes made for the individual employee

The View and Edit feature is available for all of our supported tax forms in Talenox for all localized markets.


  • IR8A

  • IR8S

  • IR21

  • Appendix 8A

  • Appendix 8B

Hong Kong:

  • IR56B

  • IR56E

  • IR56F

  • IR56G

  • IR56M



  • STD2

  • FORM E

  • CP58

  • CP21

  • CP22

  • CP22A

  • TP3

Happy editing! 😎

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