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Cannot find the “Apply for Leave” button in Leave Module
Cannot find the “Apply for Leave” button in Leave Module

When your users cannot find Apply for Leave button in their Leave module.

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If you have just recently created a new employee’s user account and your new user notices that they cannot apply for leave as the “Apply for Leave” button is appearing in their leave module for selection.

It is highly likely that this is an issue related to the access rights given to your employees. During the User Account invitation process, the "View Only" option for the Leave module might have been chosen instead:

If you have chosen the “View Only” access rights under the Leave module, this option will hide the "Apply for Leave" button from users.

To resolve this, you need to allow your employees to “Manage” the Leave module for their user access rights instead:

Do remember to ‘Save’ these updated access rights in the system to have the changes to access rights apply. 🙂

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