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How to Switch My Language Settings in Talenox?
How to Switch My Language Settings in Talenox?

Available only for Hong Kong Entities. Easily switch languages showing for your Talenox account.

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We've launched out Traditional Chinese language version in Talenox!

You can now easily toggle between the following language options for all Hong Kong entities:

  • English

  • Traditional Chinese

Take note that this switch in languages will only apply to each specific user's account. The change will have to be done on an individual-basis in their own Talenox account - we do not have a company-wide setting to change the language for all users automatically.

How to Switch Languages in my Account?

To switch languages showing in your own account, please do follow the steps below:

1) Head to your "Account Settings" page in Talenox

You can head to the Account Settings page by going to the top right-hand corner dropdown list and selecting the "Account Settings" option:

2) Next, you should be able to see the Language Setting (BETA) option appearing on this page. You can change your language on this page directly

Click on the "Edit" option so that you can start to set the language you'd like to see in the system:

3) Select the Language you'd like to see and then click on "Save" to have this applied to your account

4) You should now see the new language selected appearing in the system for your account

You can now easily toggle between languages in Talenox based on your preferences. :)

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