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Paternity Leave (Malaysia)

Entitlement and eligibility for Paternity Leave for employees in Malaysia. Adding Child's Details in Next-of-Kin.

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Based on recent updates to the Employment Act, a married male employee is now entitled to paid paternity leave at his ordinary rate of pay for a period of 7 consecutive days in respect of each child.

Entitlement for Paternity Leave

The new entitlement for Paternity Leave is now 7 consecutive days of entitlement.

When will an Employee be Entitled to Paternity Leave?

A married male employee shall be entitled to paternity leave from his employer if:

  • The employee has been employed by the same employer at least 12 months immediately before the commencement of such paternity leave

  • The employee has notified his employer of the pregnancy of his spouse at least 30 days from the expected birth or as early as possible.

More information can be found here:

How Can your Employee Be eligible for Paternity Leave in Talenox?

By default, not all male employees are granted Paternity Leave in Talenox.

In the system, it is based on eligibility in accordance with the following requirements:

  1. Add the child's details in the Next-of-Kin section of the Employee Profile.

  2. Update the employee's Marital Status and Spouse's details.

  3. Lastly, do check the Paternity Leave settings (under Leave > Leave Settings > Leave Type) to ensure that your employees will be eligible to apply.

If you need a further step-by-step guide with screenshots for Step 1, you can head over to the link here on how to add Next-of-Kin in Talenox:

Note to Existing Talenox Users

  • Paternity leave has not been added to existing Malaysian companies to prevent any sort of confusion among employees - administrators are advised to add this new leave type at their own discretion.

How to Add Paternity Leave Type for your Employee to take? (Exisisting Talenox users)

1. Head over to Leave > Manage Leave policies > Settings > Leave Types tab

2. Select the “New Leave Type” option.

3. From the “Leave Type” dropdown list on the new page, select the “Paternity” option.

4. Check the Paternity Leave settings (under Leave > Leave Settings > Leave Type) to ensure that your employees will be eligible to apply based on the Qualifying Age of Child

Now, you can set up your Paternity Leave with ease!

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