There are times when you want to apply for leave (eg. Maternity or Paternity leaves) for yourself or on your employee’s behalf, and you do not see the Leave type when trying to Select Leave type on your leave application page.

This could mean that your employee or yourself is not eligible for the Leave type.

To verify this, you can check the Status or Remark on your Leave Balance/Entitlement page in Talenox.

How to Check Leave Entitlement

1) Head to the Leave module

2) Go to Manage Leave policies > Leave Balances

3) Select the employee’s name to view more details of their leave balances

4) Under the Leave Entitlement tab, take a look under the Status or Remarks column.

Here you can see the Status or Remarks of why the Leave type is not available to the employee.

This should give you a better understanding of why your employee might not be eligible for the leave type and why it is not showing on their leave application page under leave types.

What are some examples of leave types not being available for employees to take?

There are several reasons why an employee might not be eligible for a leave type.

The most common would be the few mentioned below:

  • Probation Period - employees might still be under probation based on their leave type settings in the system.

  • Next of Kin (NOK) Details not keyed into Employee Profiles - an employee might not have any NOK details keyed in to unlock statutory leave types like Maternity/Paternity/Childcare leave.

  • Unverified Next of Kin (NOK) Details in Employee Profiles - an employee might not have their NOK details verified by an Admin of the account to unlock statutory leave types like Maternity/Paternity/Childcare leave.

In this example above (Step 4), this employee’s Child Care Leave, Extended Child Care Leave and Paternity Leave is unavailable because it has an unverified NOK details, where an employee will need to contact their HR/Admin to help them verify the documents keyed into their NOK details.

As Admins of the account, you may need to check the Next-of-Kin section in the employee’s Employee Profile as well.

As for the Maternity Leave type, it is not available to this employee (in this example) because this leave type is only available to female employees.

We hope this helps when you are trying to figure out why the Leave types are not available for some of your employees. 😎

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