If you wish to allow your employees to be able to apply for sick leaves before their probation period has been completed with the company, it’ll require you to take a few simple steps in the system.

Applying for Sick Leave before Probation Period is over (Step-by-Step)

1) Head over to the Leave module.

2) Now, click on Manage Leave policies > Settings.

3) Under the Leave Types tab, select your Sick Leave leave type to head into this leave type settings.

4) Scroll further down and you should see the section “Leave can be applied for….

The option of “After a fixed probation period” is selected by default for most leave types newly created in the system.

5) Select the dropdown list and select the “Upon being hired option.

6) Once you made the change, don’t forget to click “Save”

Your employees should now be able to apply for leave upon being hired, instead of being able to do so after a fixed probation period, based on your settings. 😎

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