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How to Download PCB/MTD File Format

Selections of PCB/MTD file available in Talenox

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With Talenox, you will be able to submit all statutory contributions submissions online.

After you have completed processing payroll, you can export the PCB/MTD file (.txt format) under Month Total > Export Bank File/EPF/PCB (MTD).

Downloading PCB/MTD File for Upload

From Talenox, once you click on PCB/MTD option from the drop-down list on the Month Total page, there are 3 options for you to choose from:

Depending on your submission method, you can choose from any of the 3 options available:

  • Default LHDN PCB - Used for automated submission of monthly tax deductions of registered users. Once the user is registered in the portal, you can upload the PCB generated by Talenox into your e-Data PCB.

  • CP39 - A method for employers to submit their employees’ PCB/MTD data online. For manual submission of monthly tax deductions of unregistered users and for one-time submission only.

  • Bank Format - Several banks (found below) offer payroll bulk payment services. You can utilize the PCB bank file generated by Talenox and upload it to your bank’s website to make payments directly.

The uploaded file will include the breakdown of individual employee contributions for the payroll month processed.

Below is the list of banks that we support for the direct upload of PCB/MTD payment files to their corporate banking portals:

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