When you first set up your company, you will need to ensure that your Bank Details section under your Company Details page is set up accurately.

This is to ensure the successful download of salary payment and statutory files like our Bank File and CPF File. 👍🏻

If your bank details aren’t set up correctly, this could lead to potential errors when you attempt to upload a bank file to your corporate banking portal.

How to Edit your Company’s Bank Details

1) Head to Profiles

2) Head to Manage my database > Company Details

3) You can see the "Bank Details" section at the bottom of the page. Click “Edit” to make changes to your bank details used by Talenox.

4) Click “Save” once you are done 😎

How to Edit your Company’s Bank Details (Step-by-Step Video)

You can follow this step-by-step short video as well:

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